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JONYX Individual

JONYX gives us and you the freedom to create a solution tailored to your needs that is 100 percent aligned with your business processes.

From a certain complexity of the task, it is often much more useful to use a software adapted to the individual needs, instead of changing an existing software so that it delivers what is desired. Because such a solution often surrenders at the next development step.

Wherever so-called "standard" software reaches its limits, because there are requirements that are beyond the scope of such software or the complexity cannot be met, JONYX Individual offers the optimum alternative.

JONYX Individual builds on the full functionality of our standard solution JONYX ERP / CRM and is adapted in the project exactly to your needs. This way, even individual requirements can be met with a manageable effort.

BLS Integration’s advice has always driven us and the company forward to new ideas. They listen to the customer and always develop efficient solutions that are highly valued by our employees.

Orthos specialist laboratory for orthodontics
Managing Director

Working together and learning from each other has enriched everyone involved. We were able to design changes together and did not just have to submit to what an ERP system dictated.

Nordson PPS GmbH
Managing Director

Your function

All the functions your ERP system needs to best adapt to your requirements.

Your process

All processes and workflows that are necessary, even beyond standard processes, to reflect your everyday business life.

Your Mask / Dialog

So you can quickly and easily capture the information and get it delivered as you need it.

Address Management

Extensive address management with address lists, duplicate search and assignment of individual characteristics / criteria. Central presentation of all relevant customer information and documents in the info-center.

Purchasing / Procurement

Illustration of all purchasing processes, from inquiry to order, to goods receipt and invoice release. Powerful tools to automate and organise all operations, including endowments and master agreements.


Illustration of the complete order process from offer to delivery and shipment. In addition, administration of contract documents or maintenance contracts and, if necessary, of service and returns handling.


Presentation of different types of articles, from structured parts to one-off items, price lists including customer and supplier specific characteristics. Comprehensive serial and batch number management.


Generation of production orders, planning of resources and capacities, determination of requirements and lead times. Extensive pre- and post-calculations including handling of production alternatives.


Recording of all goods in and goods out, management of shelf storage locations and warehouse locations, packing list creation, inventory. Support of barcode printers and scanners.


Document creation, forwarding orders, connection to transport service providers and automated feedback of tracking information to the customer.


Cost accounting, cashbook, management of open items, credit chasing, payment orders and interfaces to financial accounting systems.

Personnel Management

Administration of employees, allocation of different cost rates and activities, workflow-based leave requests as well as expense reports. Powerful management of user rights.

Time recording

Individuals and project time recording, activity evaluation, monthly statements, mapping of individual working time models and time report management.

Project Management

Presentation, execution and evaluation of multi-level projects, including costs and budget control.

Production Data Acquisition

Complete PDA solution including barcode and RFID support, as well as mobile and stationary data acquisition.

Document management

System-wide document management of any files with rights management and optional OCR text recognition. The system allows the control of scanners and replaces the work of paper-based processes.


Planning, implementation and evaluation of marketing campaigns, such as telephone marketing or the sending of newsletters.

Event Management

Planning and accounting of events and training.


Multilingual, multi-client and foreign currency suitable system.


Various interfaces, real-time capable, bi-directional from DATEV to Outlook, in the usual technical formats.

Extra features

System-wide favourites and resubmission function with automatic e-mail notification, connection to telephone systems via standardised interface (TAPI).

Does your industry bring with it special requirements and there is no suitable industry solution available? Would you like to combine different business areas under one roof? Is your business changing dynamically and you need a system that supports this development? Do your processes, for example in purchasing, sales or production, require specific and individual communication with your partners? Do you need a custom design of masks and dialogues? Do you perhaps look to rely on a specialised third-party system for a seamless real-time integration?

JONYX Individual

If one or more of these questions apply to your situation, then Jonyx Individual will be the solution for you!


Fast, human and always available for you, this is our JONYX support. For you, no matter which solution you choose, you can rely on our advice and support.

Even the best software sometimes raises questions. To ensure that these are answered quickly and competently, we provide you with an experienced support team. Whether on the spot, by phone, e-mail or chat - we are available for you and your questions as needed and do not leave you isolated. Hereby we rely on the quality of our employees. Instead of an external call centre, you will be helped by our technicians with real support, even after the initial project phase. Because with us the quality and individual support does not end with the installation and training of its users.

You can contact us directly from JONYX, send inquiries by e-mail to , or call us on +49 (0) 251-62546-0. On request, you also receive direct access to our help desk system Jira.

For remote maintenance we use the AnyDesk based BLS Quick Support, which you can download under the following link: BLS Quick Support